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Putting God Back?

Our schools have been attacked recently by bullets, politicians, and hateful rhetoric. We respond by pleading to God for mercy and guidance. And of course this is right. Of course we look to Him for understanding and comfort. One loud outcry has been that we need to put God back in public school. The cry has been, in part, for legalization of teacher-led prayer and classes that teach the Bible. However, these actions miss the point and create more problems. As a firm believer in the sovereign Lord Jesus who made the universe and saves us from our own sin, I must disagree with this campaign to “put God back in public schools.” First, the separation of church and state should not be disregarded. This constitutional idea serves to protect my own children from being proselytized by a state employee. This prevents my sons from being pressured to pray to a god we do not worship. It preserves my right as a parent to teach my children the religion my husband and I know to be right. It