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Dear Student

My last writing journal assignment for my students is always “Dear Mrs. Potter”. Usually students will write me a really nice thank you note that will make me feel super wonderful. I thought I’d do the same for them this year. Here it is. Dear Student, I must admit, at the beginning of the year I was a little concerned about the academic challenges we would have to face together. You started the year a little unsure of yourself and sometimes wanted to give up before you really tried. I was a little worried that you might not be up to the challenge. But you proved me wrong. You stuck with me and worked hard.  Thank you for being fun to teach. You made me laugh so much, and I am grateful for it. I loved when you got excited about the literature we were reading or the issue we were discussing. Thank you for not grumbling too much about my weird teaching methods and not rolling your eyes when I gushed over my husband. You were so patient with my absent-mindednes