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In Response to Governor Bevin

In response to Governor Bevin’s Comments on Teachers in his interview on March 14, 2018: I love being a teacher, but becoming a teacher was a sacrifice. I could have done so many other things and made so much more money than I do now. I could have pursued dreams and fulfilled very real potential. In school, I was in the gifted program. I scored in the 99 th percentile on the big standardized tests. I got awards and honors and achievements more than most people in my grade. I was a Governor’s Scholar. I went to college on a full tuition scholarship and graduated there with honors. I am not ignorant or blind. I could have done almost any job I wanted to do. I have the intellectual aptitude, work ethic, people skills, and drive for anything. But I wanted to be a teacher. I chose to be a teacher because I felt called to do it. I felt that I had something important to offer children, that I could do amazing things in the classroom that would be meaningful for thousands